Do you want to find a good book to start your club with? Sometimes it is hard to find the right one that is both relevant and easy to read. We have a couple suggestions that have been tried and tested with lots of book clubs and might be exactly what you are looking for.

Lucky Dogs, Lost Hats, and Dating Don’ts

Thomas Fish, Ph. D. & Jillian Ober, M.A., CRC

Got roommate troubles? Adore your pets? Starting to date? Like outdoor adventure Having ups and downs at work?

It’s all here in Luck Dogs, Lost Hats, and Dating Don’ts.

If reading is a challenge for you, these 14 short stories illustrated with photos are just for you. And, they talk about real life! Whether you are in middle school or are already out of school, you’ll find stories that will grab you because they are funny, sad, and suspenseful. You will read about characters with and without disabilities who are dealing with tough problems, falling in love, and living on their own.

Check out the questions at the end of each story, answer them on your own or bring them to your next book club meeting.

“This is a wonderful collection of personal real-life short stories that relate to this group of readers. “Emerging” readers will enjoy the large text and wider spacing between words and lines. Although the text and print are written for young readers, the content and photos are suited for adults. Very well-done - MORE of these types of books need to be created and available! My gratitude to the author!”
– Mom of a son with down syndrome

New Love, Spilt Milk, and Potbellied Pigs

Thomas Fish, Ph. D. & Jillian Ober, M.A., CRC

Have you ever wondered...

  • What it would feel like to be a chocolate cake, or
  • How you would react to not getting your paycheck on time, or
  • How to get out of doing your laundry, or
  • What it would be like to have a pet pig, or
  • What it means to be in love?

New Love, Spilt Milk, and Potbellied Pigs explores these questions and many more. The diverse stories, plays, and poems in this book are relatable and easy to read. If you are looking to have fun, laugh out loud, explore your thoughts and emotions, and read about real life, you have picked the right book!

“An easy read that does a fantastic job catching the reader's attention and keeping them engaged the entire time.”
“This book was at an easy reading level but had engaging and relevant stories.”